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    Monday November 24, 2014  
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My heart is still bubbling over with praise and thanksgiving from what God did in our midst yesterday.  Last Sunday was Youth Sunday and our Cross Road Teens did a great job of leading in our morning services.  It was a rich time in the Word, worship, ministry in dance and song as well as sharing of testimony and a pictorial presentation of the Teen ministries in action.  There is hope!!!  There is an upcoming generation of young Swallow Christian ministers.  Thanks to all who served and let us keep pouring into their lives as they take a stand for Christ. Our preacher for the morning was our brother David Pearson who brought a relevant word on This is my Stand.  Enjoy the Reflections on his message below.


And if all that was not enough, we had such a spiritual feast in God’s presence in the evening at Adoration!! We basked in God’s presence, as the combined worship team and dancers helped us pour out our highest praise to the Lord for 2 solid hours.  And yet, the only negative feedback I heard at the end was that it was too short!!  What a gift the Adoration ministers gave us!  We give God thanks for all who served the Lord in leading us in this amazing worship experience.



Last Sunday our brother David Pearson spoke to us on This is my Stand from Judges 3:12-30.  Although some of the accounts in the bible are not for the faint of heart or would make good bedtime stories for small children, they are there for our benefit.  This story reveals to us God’s involvement in the real-life experiences of his people.  Instead of throwing up our hands in hopelessness this story helps us to understand what it means to take a stand with and for God as we face our own day to day realities.

As we consider the facts, we will observe that the story is about stupid people. In chapter 2 we see where Israel greatly displeased the Lord with their disobedience and idolatry. God warned them of the serious consequences of this behavior as he threatened not to drive out their enemies from the Promised Land.  Joshua died and there came a generation that did not know God, and what the Israelites were forbidden to do their grandchildren did and gravely offended God.  In the face of their rebellion, God would make good his warning and would cause the Israelites to be oppressed by enemy nations. They would then cry out to the Lord who would then raise up a judge in their midst who would deliver them. As long as they obeyed they were victorious but they would soon become lax and regress into idolatry.


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This Thursday at our Believers’ Meeting at 6pm, Dr. Donovan Thomas will be sharing on Unforgiveness – How it Affects Others.  You don’t want to miss this final session in our 3 part series on Unforgiveness, which has been yielding much fruit of healing and freedomSS (not her real name) is a young lady who decided to forgive after hearing Faith Thomas share last Thursday. Click here to read her musings on her experience.

OPERATION STAR CHILD – ‘SAVE THE DATE’ - Calling all Volunteers!! We need you for this special event to be held on Saturday December 6th. Please contact the Church office for more information.
TENT – Effective Faith Sharing – How do I share my faith with my friends? Friday, November 28th at 6:30p.m. Email: or for further information

God is in our midst.  He has been speaking to us - calling us to take a stand for him and to live lives of worship and adoration.  How will you respond to him this week?  Live in the Spirit. Keep His praise going as you sing your favourite songs to him each day and follow through with obedient living.

“…be filled with the Spirit. Speak to one another with psalm, hymns and spiritual songs.  Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Eph 5:18 -20)

In His love,