MELLOH (Men’s Ministry)

Men! This is one is for you! MELLOH (Men Empowered to Live Lives Of Honour) is an outreach program of Swallowfield Chapel. It seeks to bring men into the kingdom by creating an enabling environment conducive to those who may have reservations attending formal gatherings at church, such as the Sunday morning service. This is manifested in its Mission Statement:

To be and to make disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ by creating an environment for non-Christian men to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and for Christian men to connect with each other, grow and serve.

As the mission states, once men are brought into the MELLOH environment, they are encouraged and led to accept the Lord Jesus Christ. They are then further supported in their Christian walk by leading them to various positions of service and by providing opportunities for spiritual growth.

MELLOH delivers on its mission through various programs and activities, with the monthly meetings/fellowship nights, which are held every 1st Friday, except in August and December. Activities include games, reasoning, consuming a meal, listening to a speaker or panel of speakers on spiritual/physical/financial health focusing on men. Small groups then discuss the presentations and pray for each other.

The default mode is face-to-face at 5 Swallowfield Avenue, however MELLOH has seamlessly pivoted to online delivery during the pandemic. Other activities include the Thursday Night Prayer meeting, all male care group, annual men’s conference, monthly Saturday night prayer meetings, seminar at the annual Star Child event in the first Saturday in December. 

Finally, during MELLOH week, held in June of each year, starting on Father’s Day, the MELLOH team plays significant roles in the Sunday Morning Worship and the Thursday night prayer meeting (Believers’ Meeting). The team hosts the elders and other key persons at the Tuesday morning breakfast, and a special outreach/evangelism program is held on the Saturday to complete the week.

Join us today! For more information, you can send your queries to the MELLOH team at or visit for the latest updates. All of our online and in-person events are for men only.