Welcome to Swallow...

If you’ve ever heard someone say, “I go to Swallow” this is the church they are referring to. We are a community church in the city - the city of Kingston, where people can grow to know and love God, each other and serve others.

Due to the ongoing CoronaVirus (COVID-19), the Government of Jamaica has instituted restrictions on public gatherings. In compliance with these guidelines, we have suspended corporate gatherings and meetings. Where possible, we have opted to connect virtually.

Our Mission

To be and make disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ

Our Vision

To be a community of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ growing in loving relationship with God and each other, and in loving service making disciples of all nations.

The Swallow We See

Our desire is to be a healthy church effectively making disciples of our community and nation. Research (2011) by the University of Technology in our community of Swallowfield confirmed severe socio-economic challenges facing our community. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of residents interviewed, expressed as priority their desire for the church to help to provide further vocational and skills training for community members.

In light of these needs and our discipleship mandate we have established Swallowfield Outreach Foundation Limited (SOF), a non-profit charitable organization, to advance and expand the church’s spiritual and social services. We are developing on the Swallowfield Campus a Transformational Oasis, a hub serving the holistic needs of our church, surrounding communities and beyond. We look forward to providing, among other offerings, further educational, vocational and skills training, prayer, counselling, mediation, sporting and recreational facilities and opportunities for income generation.

We envision families strengthened and a reduction in crime and violence. We see the class divides between uptown and downtown shattered, as we share together in a common space and activities. We see the knowledge and application of the Word of God increased, and the training and development of competent, moral and ethical leaders. We see talents, innovative ideas and the creative arts nurtured for the enrichment of our society. The Oasis will be a model for the city, be environmentally friendly, energy efficient, boasting green areas and elegant landscaping. These properties are to be a safe space and place for us to experience and model God’s Shalom and contribute to the transformation of our nation.

We have engaged in these ministries in obedience to the clear biblical mandate to care for and empower the weak and vulnerable, which includes the poor, widows and orphans. We are a “;work in progress”, ministering in the context of a changing and diverse world. As such, we remain anchored to the Word of God, flexible in our methodologies, fully submitted and open to our Lord, as we participate in fulfilling God’s mission “to be and to make disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 

to be & to make disciples of Jesus