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Discipleship Journey Map

Let us help you along the path of discipleship, so that you can help others too!

Feeling lost and not sure where you are on your spiritual journey? In a church as large as ours, it is easy to feel lost and disconnected. But we have a tool to help you find your way!

This Discipleship Journey (DJ) Map is designed to help you discover where you are in your
spiritual journey and direct you to your next step. It’s also an effective disciple-making tool to help you determine where your neighbors are and to assist them to take their next steps in their spiritual journey.

So what are the Steps in this awesome journey and how has Swallow provided resources for you at each stage?


The Journey begins when you step out of the Kingdom of Darkness by turning your back on our sinful life, accepting Jesus’ gift of salvation and totally surrendering to his rule over your life.

What to Do: For support, call the church office (876) 926-7163 or click the button below to fill out the Decision Card and someone will contact you.


Those who have repented of their sin and are saved, publicly declare their commitment to Jesus through water baptism. We provide this opportunity to learn more about baptism and to ensure that you’re prepared through our classes, which are offered online and in person.

What to Do: Click one of the buttons below to sign up for in-person or online baptism class.

Become a Member

Through water baptism, you have not only declared you belong to Jesus, but also to his Body, the Church. The church in Bible times and beyond, worshipped and served God together in different local communities under God-appointed Christian leaders. God calls each of his followers to join one such bible-believing church.

What to Do: Apply for membership online by clicking the button below or get a manual copy of our application form from our church office.

Build Your Foundation

At this stage, your focus is on growing in your relationship with God and others as you better understand and practise the basic essentials of the Christian life thus developing a firm foundation in Christ.

What to Do: Join any of our Foundation groups by clicking the button below, or reach out to us by clicking the contact button.

Please note that you may Become a Member or Build Your Foundation at the same time or either one first.

Grow Stronger Together

When we are saved, we are born again as spiritual babies into God’s family. As a Good Father, He does not want us to remain there, but to become mature Christians. This is best facilitated in small groups where loving relationships can be formed and deepened as we invest into each other’s lives by the Spirit’s power. Note that you cannot have healthy spiritual growth without maturing emotionally, which is why we offer to integrate both.

What to Do: SFC offers a variety of small group growth opportunities that help to develop us in several ways including:

- In Spiritual Stages (Adult Christian Education Groups)

- Relationally (Connect Groups)

- Through Loss (Grief Share)

- Through Recovery (Divorce Care)

- In your identity in Christ (Freedom in Christ Groups)

To join one of these, click the button below to explore all of our groups or you can reach out to us by using the contact button. 

Shaped to Serve

A key component of your whole discipleship journey is joyfully serving God and by extension, others in a variety of ways. However, at this stage, you will focus on how God has deliberately designed you to fulfill your unique call to serve. You will not only discover your purpose by identifying your SHAPE (i.e. Spiritual gifts, Heart (passion), Abilities, Personality and Experiences), but also how your uniqueness has been, and is shaping you to be and make disciples according to God’s plan.

What to Do: Join one of our SHAPE groups!

At any stage of the journey you are invited to engage in fellowship, service, care and recovery through the following:

Did you know that Swallowfield Chapel has over 37 ministries? There are many ways for us to be blessed and be a blessing to others. Learn about our ministry clusters and how you can serve!

What to Do: Click the button below to see all  of our ministry offers or contact the church office at (876)-926-7163

We provide Care & Recovery through professional as well as pastoral counselling,
prayer, healing, deliverance, visitation as well as through several outreach initiatives.

What to Do: Call the Pastoral Care Office at (876) 926-7163 or visit our church office for further information and assistance.

Wonderful fellowship opportunities through our Sunday services and through our other offerings like our Men’s, Women’s, Senior Saints,
Marriage, Young Adults, and Sports and Recreation ministries.

What to Do: Visit our church services online or in-person, click the button below to see all our current events and get involved!

No matter where we are on our journey, we can make disciples:

You don’t have to wait until you are a mature believer to begin to make disciples of Jesus. From you are saved and as you take each discipleship step, you can share Jesus with everyone in your sphere of influence. This disciple-making is primarily done as you build loving relationships with others and lead them by example through their own discipleship journeys. This can be done individually or in small groups.

What to Do: You can be better equipped to share the gospel by visiting our Evangelism page or call our Director of Outreach at (876) 926-7163 to learn about our different outreach opportunities.